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We do excellent work on everything that is made with wood.

The ARRONDO GROUP specializes in timber and flooring used in the construction industry.

The group of companies comprising the ARRONDO GROUP provides a comprehensive service to cover all the needs of our customers.

LIFE Program

In our group there is great environmental concern. For this reason, aware with our environment, we work with the Life program for the conservation of forests.


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Featured Product

EDERRA Solid Oak Flooring

Wood Flooring > Oak

Sapwood: Not admissible on main face. · Knots: Maximum diameter of 8 mm. · Bevel (mm): 1.5 mm on the sides and 1.5 mm at the top. · Cracks: Not admissible. · MUNDITIAE: Oak + Uretan oil treatment. CASUS: Oak + Aged treatment + Uretan oil. NOBILIUS: Oak + Handmade work + Aged treatment + Uretan oil.

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Outstanding Project

Nanogune Research Centre

Nanogune Research Centre

Category: Public Works
Location: Construcciones Amenabar
Developer: Donostia - San Sebastián

Companies of the ARRONDO GROUP

  • Arrondo. Suelos y estructuras de madera.
  • Aztiria. Instalaciones.
  • Egurpe. Recrecidos.
  • Azar. Import and Export.

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